Thursday, 17 April 2014 — 22:00h

PARI PARI (Beat/Garage)+ DJane BETTIBO BIKEPUNK (Soul/Punk/Garage/Grooves)

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This is gonna be on tonight, 18th April 2014

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Since 2000 White Trash Fast Food has been Berlin’s unrivaled #1 home to a surreal mix of really good food (we’re talking My Granny Cooks Better Than Yours Annual Championship level), good drinks (we love drinks), some great rock’n’roll music (we have more than 400 bands and 350 DJs playing a year), some of Berlin’s coolest parties, our very own tattoo studio (!!!) and a cinema in which we let you smoke. How great is that? To complete the illusion, we also feature some fake palm trees.